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The waste disposer in your kitchen sink provides you with a fast, convenient way to dispose of many kinds of waste products. This can range from potato skins and egg shells to banana peels and sour milk, sometimes at too high a volume. With this kind of abuse, it’s no wonder your garbage disposal clogged.

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If your kitchen sink isn't already equipped with this unit give us a call. Plumbing Mesquite TX knows how to install a garbage disposal that's just right for your needs. Installation is a quick and simple process and the unit is a relatively inexpensive appliance.

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clean a garbage disposal

Knowing how to clean a garbage disposal properly goes a long way to preventing problems from arising. Recurrent clogs or slow draining can be the result of dull blades. This is a common garbage problem. Keeping them sharp and clean reduces the possibility of clogs.

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If your kitchen sink doesn't already have a unit, get one! We install garbage disposals in all types of sinks. If you need a new one, we also replace garbage disposals. We use only the highest quality products and parts. New units cost less than you might expect.

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Face Your Problem With Garbage Disposal Unit

Aren't ready for a new unit? We fix garbage disposals as well. Our plumbers possess the know how to repair just about any problem you may be experiencing. Wherever it may be; the drain, the grind chamber, the blades or the motor.

Is your garbage disposal unit taking a long time to drain? Is it leaking? These are serious, messy problems that need to be addressed immediately. Give us a call before things get out of hand. Plumbing Mesquite TX provides expert repair and installation services to the entire area.

If you are unsure of how to do this, give us a call. We'll be glad to come out and take a look. We can also address any electrical disposal unit problems you may be experiencing in the motor or its connections.

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** We have called Mesquite Plumbing on two separation occasions. The first was a flooded basement. Josh gave us a competitive quote and installed a sump pump that works great. Mesquite Plumbing also installed our hot water tank. And they did it quick and with respect for our property - leaving no mess behind. **

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