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A sewer line serves as the main conduit for removing waste water from your home. It can become clogged. It can also get damaged or broken like any other pipe in your house. However, because of its length and location, sewer repair presents special challenges.

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Septic tanks

Septic tanks, if not properly maintained, can cause problems with the sewer line. Anaerobic septic tanks use organic processes to work. When these processes are disturbed, blocked drains and other problems may result. Sometimes these problems can be addressed simply by introducing the right microbes into the mix.

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If the sewer line is physically undamaged, then a thorough sewer cleaning may be just the thing to clear the line out. An experienced plumber knows many sewer repair techniques to get your lines flowing again. These can range from flushing the line with special cleaners that dissolve the clogs to routing tools that physically push the obstructing materials out of the pipe.

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Sewer Repair

Regular inspection and maintenance will allow you to catch any problems before they become serious. Sewer repair or replacing your sewer line presents a different set of challenges. These differ from routine drain clearing or drain unblocking. For many homes, the sewer line is located underground. This requires digging up the line to perform repairs.

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Detect Your Sewer Repair Problems!

Are you experiencing problems with your drainage pipe, septic tank or sewer line? Contact Plumbing Mesquite for solutions. We use state of the art equipment like a sewer camera or sonic probe. These will allow our team of experienced professionals to determine the source of the problem.
No matter where the issue lies we can find it. This is done without having to make a mess out of your yard. We'll catch any minor sewer repair problems. That is good before they become major ones.
A permit from your local municipality may be needed before repairs can commence. This is because it connects to the public waste water system. This is definitely a situation that calls for an expert plumber like Plumbing Mesquite, TX.

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